When the rubber meets the road...Protect Your Tires!

Welcome to Protect Your Tires

Protect Your Tires, LLC is an authorized manufacturer’s representative of Inovex Industries, Inc., makers of Ride-On® tire protection products.  Ride-On® is a gel containing fibers six times stronger than steel which adheres to the inside of tires.  This product is a result of almost two decades of research and rigorous field testing in eighteen countries all over the world.  Ride-On® comes in multiple formulations designed for specific vehicle types and applications.

Ride-On® formulas provide multiple benefits to all vehicle fleet types including:

  • Increase tire life by up to 25% or more (through air pressure maintenance and balancing).
  • Maintain set-point tire pressures 3 to 4 times longer (by helping to reduce porosity loss).
  • Make tires virtually impervious to flats (by reducing tire-related road failures by 85 to 95%).
  • Balance tire/wheel assemblies (by acting as a hydrodynamic tire balancer).
  • Plus, Ride-On® can help your fleet reduce fuel consumption between 1-3%!

Here are some important tire facts you should know:

  • The Tire Maintenance Council road debris study confirmed that under inflation due to road hazards or poor maintenance resulted in almost 90% of tire failures.
  • A tire can lose from 1-3 PSI air pressure per month due to porosity air losses.
  • A tire that is 10% under inflated can wear up to 15% faster.
  • A good rule of thumb is that every 10 PSI reduction in overall tire inflation results in about a one percent reduction in miles per gallon.
  • According to the US Department of Transportation, flat tires are the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns.
  • The US DOT also estimates that Americans could save 5.4 million gallons of fuel per day if all tires were kept properly inflated.

Using Ride-On® will reduce your tire operating costs and save you money.